I've been married to my husband for 9 years. I read that everyone who is sexually active should be tested for HIV every 5 years. Is it really necessary for people like us?

You are correct that we recommend HIV testing every 5 years for sexually active Manitobans.  Safer sex practices (including testing) are for all sexually active people regardless of their relationship status, gender, sexual orientation or whether they’ve ever had a sexually transmitted infection or not. Many people … Read Full Answer

My boyfriend and I began having sex a month ago. We've been using condoms, but this weekend he didn't have one so he just pulled out before he came. Then I peed right after sex. Is this safe?

Pulling out before ejaculation (coming) doesn’t help prevent STIs (sexually transmitted infections) because many bacteria and viruses don’t depend on ejaculation to pass from person to person.  Many can be passed through pre-cum, vaginal fluids, anal fluids or skin to skin contact.   We recommend STI testing for … Read Full Answer