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What kinds of people get STIs?

It’s a myth sexually transmitted infections (STIs) only happen to some types of people. In reality it can happen to anyone whether they are scientists, a math wizard, an astronaut, or a doctor including those who are having sex for the very first time. STIs are transmitted  during sexual activities like oral sex, genital sex or anal sex and these are normal behaviours that people engage in. Because STIs don’t usually cause noticeable symptoms, people can transmit infections they didn’t think they had.

Here are some important ways to lower the risk of STI transmission:

  • using condoms (internal and external) correctly and consistently
  • getting tested regularly for STIs & HIV if you are sexually active
  • not sharing needles or other equipment if you are using drugs, steroids, insulin or tattooing

Many places across Manitoba offer testing for STIs, including your family doctor. you could also ask your family doctor. Getting tested also means you can get the treatment needed to manage or cure the infection.

Having an STI doesn’t impact what kind of person you are. Many sexually active Manitobans will get an STI in their lifetime, the key is to get tested, get treated so that you can go on to enjoy your sex life and protect your health. Talking to your partner(s) or your health care provider might help you decide what prevention or treatment options are right for you.