Is trichomoniasis only transferred sexually? Is there any way either gender can develop the infection on their own? Can it lay dormant for years? I'm in a long term relationship, 5 yrs in and I developed trich. He is the only partner I've had since the day we met.

Trichomoniasis is virtually always sexually acquired. Even though there is some evidence that trich may survive on items like towels, cases of transmission through household items has not been well documented … Read Full Answer

I have been reading into the Western Blot test for HSV (herpes) diagnosis through the University of Washington. It says it's deemed the gold standard for HSV testing. Can this test be ordered through your clinic? I am willing to pay out of pocket. I would like to test if I have herpes.

PCR testing (through swabbing a sore) is the testing method used to accurately confirm herpes where a sore is present at testing. PCR tests are used routinely for people who present with a sore … Read Full Answer

Hi I just received oral sex from a prostitute in Hong Kong while on vacation. I used a condom but I am still afraid of STDs. Should I be worried?

It sound like you did everything you could to keep yourself and your sexual partner(s) safe. It is good to know that you used a condom during the sexual contact. Correct and consistent use of condoms is a proven safer sex tool that protects from acquiring or passing on many sexually transmitted infection (STIs). … Read Full Answer