What infections get passed through rimming?

Rimming is also known as anilingus, eating ass or eating out.  During rimming partner(s) use their tongue to suck, kiss, lick or orally stimulate the anus of the partner. While giving or receiving anilingus can be pleasurable, it can result in the transmission of some sexually transmitted infections … Read Full Answer

What does a herpes sore look like?

Some people experience mild and infrequent symptoms that are easy to mistake for something else.  There are also people who have no symptoms at all.   On the other hand there are people have noticeable blisters or sores.  These look similar to a cold sore.  The may also have tingling, itching, burning or painful sensations, and sometimes make it painful to pee.  Most people … Read Full Answer

Can I ever get an STI from kissing?

Kissing is a least risky sexual activity. The only STI one needs to be concerned about is Herpes (HSV 1 & 2). It’s important to note that many people have the herpes infection and people are embarrassed talking about it considering the stigma around it. … Read Full Answer