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Why does it say not to use olive oil with condoms? It’s natural and I want to use it.

Adding lube can be a great way to enjoy sex. Lube is short form for lubricants and they are made from water, silicone or oil. There are many different varieties, like flavored, tingling and warming options.

Oil-based lubes like vaseline or olive oil are known to damage or break condoms and stain your clothes and sheets, hence its best sticking to silicone or water-based ones. If you are not using condoms for STI or pregnancy prevention then oil lubes could be an option. It is important to note that people may react differently to lubes including olive oil, they could be allergic or it could disturb the vaginal flora or anal passage, increasing one’s vulnerability to sexually transmitted infections.

Water-based or silicon-based lubes are recommended since they do not damage condoms. Lubes can make sex more comfortable, and can be used with internal or external condoms for vaginal or anal sex.

Hope this was helpful.