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Someone showed me a piece of paper with STI results. Do you actually print out results, and can I trust them?

Great to hear that you’ve had a conversation about sexually transmitted infections with a partner. Some clinics may offer a print out with STI results on it, while many others may not.

The thing to remember about anyone’s STI status is that it’s not a permanent state. There are infections that are easily treated. If curable STIs show up on a test result, they can be treated and eliminated. In that case, it may be important that your partner receive the medication or attend a follow up appointment (if required.)

There is also the possibility of acquiring an infection in the time between the last time testing was done and the present. If someone has been sexually active since that testing was done, those old results may no longer be accurate. This is why routine testing is recommended. That way we can stay informed of our STI status on an on-going basis, and take any steps necessary to prevent, treat or manage sexually transmitted infections.

Keep the conversation going. You could check in with them about how recent those STI test results are, your own STI test results and what type of prevention strategies you like to use.

Check out Nine Circles Community Health Centre for more testing information, or the Street Connections map to find other testing clinics near you.