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Can someone get HPV from sharing a bath towel?

Questions about HPV (human papillomavirus) are very common, so here is the transmission information and helpful links where you can get more details.

HPV is transmitted through sexual activity including penis-vagina intercourse, penis-anus intercourse, oral sex and genital to genital contact.  Transmission through objects like towels, toilets seats, or underwear have not been documented.

Keep in mind human paillomavirus is very common.  The majority of people who are sexually active will acquire the virus, have no symptoms and clear it naturally without even realizing it.  Pap tests are the method of monitoring changes that may be due to HPV.  If someone notices warts on their genitals, it’s important to see a clinician to get them treated and perhaps test for other sexually transmitted infections.

Pubic lice and in rare cases scabies can move from person to person through shared towels, but can be treated if acquired.