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I heard that syphilis cannot be cured, is that true?

Syphilis is one of the oldest  STIs and today syphilis is cured with antibiotics.

Syphilis is largely sexually transmitted, and once acquired, it manifests in three different stages. Diagnosing and treating it as soon as possible can prevent the infection from moving to the next stage. Undiagnosed syphilis can lead to serious health conditions. Since syphilis, like many other STIs, may not have noticeable symptoms, so getting tested early can lead to successful treatment.

Syphilis can be prevented by using a condom (internal / external)  for anal or vaginal sex or sex dam for oral sex. We also recommended not sharing injection or snorting drug use equipment.

Previously treated syphilis does not protect you from future infections. This is why it is important to get tested regularly if you continue to be sexually active or have multiple sex partners. After completing treatment, most people need follow-up testing to make sure the treatment received is effective.

Have a conversation with your health care provider about testing and treatment for syphilis.