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I’m a cis woman and my partners a cis woman. We had STBBI testing last week that was negative. What is the risk of having sex without a dental dam or finger cots? We’re our only current partners.

We appreciate your question and are happy to provide you with an answer.

It’s great that both of you have taken the important step of getting tested for sexually transmitted infections (STIs). When STI-negative partners engage in unprotected sexual activity, it is generally considered safe and there is usually no cause for concern regarding STI transmission. However, it’s important to remember that testing is not always 100% accurate, as there can be a window period during which certain infections may not be detectable. Additionally, new infections can occur after testing if one or both partners engage in sexual activities with others who may have STIs.

It is important to prioritize regular testing if you are sexually active. Testing provides valuable information about your current STI status, but it’s important to note that it does not eliminate the possibility of future infections. Therefore, maintaining regular testing is a crucial aspect of responsible sexual health management.

Consulting with a healthcare provider can provide personalized guidance based on your specific situation, review window periods and help you make informed choices regarding safer sex practices.