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Should I clean my sex toys even if I use it only once every few months?

Manufacturers of sex toys recommend cleaning after each use to reduce the chances of microorganisms living on their surfaces.

If you are not sharing your sex toy and only using it for yourself, using a sex toy is not a risk for acquiring STIs (sexually transmitted infections). If you are sharing with partner(s) there can be an exchange of body fluids, which can potentially expose you to an STI.

There are several ways to make using sex toys safer:

  • wash the sex toys before and after every use as per the instructions provided by the manufacturer.
  • cover inserted toys (such as dildos) with a condom and change with every partner.
  • use an oral dam between a vibrator and skin and change with every partner.
  • add a water based lube to make the experience fun and safe.
  • don’t share (this eliminates the chances entirely.)

If you have shared a sex toy without using barriers, getting tested for sexually transmitted infections would be recommended.