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I met up with a guy at a bath house. We had an agreement that he would use a condom. He put one on, but afterwards I noticed the condom was removed. What do I do now?

There are a few services you can access to check your sexual / physical health and perhaps manage your mental / emotional health.

Because you are sexually active, we’d recommend you get tested routinely for sexually transmitted infections. This instance of condomless sex (even if it started with a condom on) does increase the chance of exposure to STIs and pregnancy (if relevant.) Feel free to contact Nine Circles or your doctor/clinic and ask for STI testing.

It’s OK to feel upset, and to reach out to Klinic’s 24/7 Sexual Assault Crisis Line at (204)786-8631 or 1-888-292-7565. It may be helpful to talk to someone about what happened, as it disregarded what you had consented to.