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Me and my roommate make sure we never share needles. (We know where to get free ones.) He asked me if it's OK to share cookers. I don't know.

You’re off to a great start by not sharing your free needles. Research tells us that Canadians sometimes hang onto their cookers to re-use or share, so here’s the information you can tell your roommate.

Everything new, every time is the best way to avoid blood-borne infections like HIV or Hep C. Blood may be on used equipment like cookers, needles, filters, swabs, or shared ties even if they “look clean.” By stocking up on all these items when you get your needles, you’ll have enough to dispose of them after one use.

It’s best to use a new cooker each time, but sometimes emergencies happen. So if you are in a jam:

Toward the Heart and Sharp Shooters both have more tips on safer drug use.

Lastly, take time to get tested for HIV, Hep C and other sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections. There’s a good chance that the place you get needles will know where you can get tested, or can test you when you’re there. Knowing your HIV and Hepatitis status is another great step in protecting your health and the people around you.