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I recently started dating someone who is HIV+. My anxiety is high and I’m not sure what to do.

Thanks for your question. Getting to know your partner’s HIV status takes away some of the fear and it’s normal to be anxious in these situations. Dating an HIV positive person is safer than it used to be. With newer HIV treatments a person living with HIV can maintain an undetectable viral load and will not pass HIV through sex. Another highly effective strategy for HIV negative partners is the correct and consistent use of condoms (internal or external) and/or taking PrEP (Pre Exposure Prophylaxis) medications. Taking PrEP as prescribed significantly reduces the risk of getting HIV through sex.

You are doing the right thing by exploring more about your relationship and having open and mutually respectful communication is key to any sustainable relationship. Nine Circles Community Health Centre offers Standing Strong a health promotion workshop series for people living with an HIV diagnosis and their partners. Basics of HIV, HIV treatment, having a positive sex life, exploring prevention strategies, disclosure, and stigma including resources available in Manitoba are discussed during these workshops. If interested your partner may want to reach out to Nine Circles through their healthcare provider.

We hope this was helpful.