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I've been accepted into a university in Winnipeg, do I have to tell them I am HIV positive?

Congratulations, how exciting!  While Sex Friendly Manitoba will focus on the transmission related part of this question, we’ll link to more detailed information about HIV disclosure.

In most cases, there is no obligation to disclose (tell someone your HIV status) at university.  The only time when you are required to disclose is when there is a possibility of HIV transmission.  This largely applies to disclosure before sexual activity.  Should you meet interesting new people there and have sexual relationships when them, that’s when there is a duty to disclose.

Otherwise you do not have to tell classmates, professors or school officials about your status because going to school with someone living with HIV presents no transmission risk.  The choice to disclose when there is no transmission risk is yours.

Sometimes people living with HIV wonder if they can get a job in certain fields.  There are a only a few health care professions where someone receiving training to perform “exposure-prone medical procedures” would be required to disclose their status as a part of their graduation or practice requirements.  If you encounter that you can access information and support through The Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network.

The Legal Network also has a resource on Disclosure and Post Secondary Education that I’d encourage you to check out.  While in Winnipeg, feel free to visit Nine Circles Community Health Centre to see if there are any services or supports you’d like to access there.