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Are the free condoms just as good as the ones in the store?

Yes, free condoms from health clinics, schools, drop-in centres, and other community locations are just as effective as store-bought condoms. Sometimes these places have different varieties of free condoms and give out little packages of water based lube too.

No matter where you get condoms, look for an expiration date on the wrapper. If a condom is past the date, or looks dry, brittle, stiff, or sticky, it shouldn’t be used. It should also have a pocket of air in the wrapper that does not leak out if you gently squeeze it.

The great thing about free condoms is that you can take as many as you like. Since you use a new one each time you have sex, take a few so you’ve always got one when things heat up. can help you find the closest place to go and stock up in Manitoba!