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I have been reading into the Western Blot test for HSV (herpes) diagnosis through the University of Washington. It says it's deemed the gold standard for HSV testing. Can this test be ordered through your clinic?

I am willing to pay out of pocket. I would like to test if I have herpes.


I think I found the article that you were reading and hope to provide some local, accurate info for you. The article I found states that the blood test is the gold standard for testing for antibodies (the process of determining after a diagnosis if it is HSV1 or HSV2.) This same article also explains PCR testing (through swabbing a sore) is the testing method used to accurately confirm herpes where a sore is present at testing. PCR tests are used routinely here at Nine Circles Community Health Centre for people who present with a sore.

In rare situations, using a blood test to type a herpes antibody would require the assessment of a knowledgeable clinician to understand when or if it this blood test is useful. These occasions might include cases where someone is HIV positive, pregnant or has some specific medical history which would warrant further testing of HSV antibodies.

So for diagnostic purposes here at Nine Circles and most testing locations around Manitoba, PCR testing done by swabbing a sore is the routine test that is offered. We would recommend that you discuss your personal concerns and your options with a provider.