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Does deep french kissing transmit hiv? I did not feel any blood , is there possibility for presence of blood which I could not feel? does hand job done by person with her saliva as lubricant transmit hiv ?

Thanks for reaching out. We’re happy to inform you that HIV is not spread through saliva. Deep french kissing and using saliva as a lube for a hand job are not a risk for HIV transmission.

Where transmission may become a factor (though it would still be a low risk factor) is if there is a significant amount of blood present in the saliva. Even then, there are ways to reduce or eliminate this low risk:

  • avoid kissing or oral sex when you or your partner have open sores or bleeding in the mouth
  • use condoms or sex dams if there is any blood present in the saliva
  • use lubricant instead of saliva if there is blood present in the saliva

(You can pick up lube, condoms and dams for free at Nine Circles or purchase at most drug stores.)

Because you’re sexually active, we’d encourage routine testing for all STIs to stay informed of your status and protect your sexual health. Talk to your doctor or testing clinician to discuss how often routine testing might be right for you.