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My best friend has had HIV for 7 years. She just got a new job and doesn't know if she has tell her new boss or not.

I want to help her do the right thing, but I don’t know about this one.


It sounds like you are a helpful support to this person.  Let me provide some useful links you can pass along to your friend as she decides whether to disclose her HIV status to her new employer.

HIV Disclosure at Work is a handy resource created by The Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network with details on the rights and responsibilities of an employee living with HIV.  In most cases, people living with HIV do not have to disclose their HIV status to their employer or their co-workers because casual contact (shaking hands, sharing food, coughing or sneezing, public washrooms, etc…) is not an HIV transmission risk.  I would encourage her to read the full resource to help inform her decision.

Thanks for reaching out, be sure you tell your other friends to visit Sex Friendly Manitoba if they have other sexually transmitted and blood-borne infection questions.  We’re here to help!