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I am scared to get tested, because part of me doesn't want to hear bad news. If I find out I have a sexually transmitted disease will this turn my life upside down?

Getting tested can be an overwhelming experience for many people. Even though a large majority of those who test turn out to be negative, for some the anticipated threat of a positive test result looms large. Much of our fear comes from not knowing and not being prepared, or fueled by myths, so consulting a health care provider often helps in overcoming it.

We are glad that you are considering being tested, which is a great step forward. Getting tested is beneficial because:

  • you will not live in uncertainty and uncertainty may increase your anxiety.
  • all STBBIs can be managed or cured. We can prevent transmission if we know they are there.
  • getting tested for STBBIs is an important part of routine health care if you are sexually active.
  • testing can give you peace of mind, it is the only way you can know for sure.

Many people tell us their biggest concern is that they might pass an infection to someone that they care about. The best way to protect your sexual partners and yourself is to be treated for any STIs you may have.

During a testing process your testing clinician will help you understand the test, get prevention strategies and answer your questions around confidentiality and testing. Never let your fears come in the way of knowing your status, because knowing would mean preparing for your day tomorrow and moving forward.

There are many places in Manitoba that offer testing for STIs. Use the Street Connections website to find one near you, or ask your health care provider for STI testing.