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I heard that if you take aspirin you won't get HIV is this true?

Aspirin as a possible HIV prevention tool has been in the news recently and we are glad that you asked this question.

A team of scientists are in the preliminary stages of exploring if taking aspirin can help prevent HIV transmission. While there are some promising findings the research team observes that taking aspirin may not be highly effective in preventing HIV transmission: “If reducing inflammation is proven to reduce HIV risk, it would be a new option for HIV prevention. There is no one‐size‐fits‐all approach to HIV prevention and it is clear that (using Aspirin to decrease in the proportion of HIV target cells in the blood and genital tract) would not be the first method of prevention for everyone.”

So while new prevention approaches are being explored we still recommend condoms, PrEP, PEP and U=U as effective prevention tools in HIV transmission.  We keep our fingers crossed for new prevention tools, but more research is needed on this one before we would recommend Aspirin for HIV prevention.