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I use a condom for all genital sex but not oral, what can I get by doing oral on a woman? What about a man?

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Condoms are an effective prevention tool for genital sex, however unprotected oral sex on the vagina (cunnilingus) can transmit herpes, HPV and syphilis.

A barrier such as a sex dam (or a cut condom) can significantly reduce your risk. Using a sex dam or a cut condom can be stimulating and fun, they come in several flavors and adding water-based lubrication can help in a safer sexual experience.

Giving oral sex to a man (fellatio) can transmit chlamydia, gonorrhea, HPV, herpes and syphilis. Correct and consistent use of condoms can significantly reduce your risk of contracting STIs. While giving oral sex on the anus of another person (anilingus) without protection could result in transmission of Hep A, Hep B, herpes, HPV, and syphilis. Once again, using a sex dam can be a good prevention tool. It’s important to note that the person who is receiving oral sex is also at risk for transmission of STIs.

STIs in many cases do not show symptoms, so you can have a STI without knowing it. If you think you have had a sexual exposure without a barrier you may consider testing for STIs.

To access your nearest safer sex supplies or STI testing sites in Manitoba, you can check Street Connections  or consult your health care provider.