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When I had a pap smear this year they would have tested me for sexually transmitted diseases right?

No, a pap smear does not test for STIs (sexually transmitted infections.)

A pap test or cervical screening is recommended every 3 years in Manitoba and checks for cervical cell changes that are often caused by HPV (human papillomavirus.) So if your pap test came back with normal results it’s still possible to have an STI even if you don’t notice any symptoms.

If you are sexually active, talk with your doctor or nurse about STI testing on a routine basis.  Depending on the provider they may even be able to do a pap test and STI testing at the same time, though they will require different samples. The provider will complete a sexual health assessment with you and recommend the tests that they think are suitable to you and a timeline of how often you should be tested.

I hope this helps!