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It has been more than 2 weeks since I had condomless sex with a sex worker, I fear contracting HIV, should I go and get tested for HIV now?

Thanks for reaching out to us. Having condomless sex with anyone can be a risk for contracting sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections including HIV.

Commercial Sex Trade Workers are no more likely than anyone else to be HIV positive. So its essential to focus on the kinds of sexual activities that were performed and not the individuals. However, it is important to note that not all sexual exposures result in transmission of HIV, even if one of the partners is HIV positive. And as you have indicated the only way to know your status is by testing.

It is recommended that you get tested for HIV after the window period. Window period is the time between potential exposure to HIV and the time when the test will indicate an accurate result. During the window period the person can be carrying the virus and be infectious hence it is important to take all necessary preventive measures such as correct condom use for every for sexual exposure, etc. The window period for HIV is 3 months from the date of exposure. Getting tested prior to the window period may not reveal a confirmed negative result. Window periods would vary for other sexually transmitted infections and it would be helpful to discuss this with your health care provider.

You can reach out to your health care provider for an HIV test or Street Connections to find out a Manitoba HIV testing site nearest to you.