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Is it possible to get infected with two different STIs at the same time?

Yes, it is possible to get infected with more than one sexually transmitted infection (STI) at the same time. Having unprotected or condomless sex with a person who is infected with 1 or multiple STIs can result in transmission of more than one STI. Another possibility is having unprotected sex with multiple sexual  partners who may be having with different STIs can result in becoming infected with many STIs.

You may be surprised to know that many STIs are without symptoms, this could be one of the reasons people who are unaware of their infection unintentionally or unknowingly can transmit it to others. STIs are very common and are easily diagnosed, treated and preventable.

We recommend routine sexual health testing for everyone who is sexually active or uses injection drugs. You can ask your health care provider about STI testing or you can visit a sexual health clinic or drop-in clinic.

Using condoms regularly and correctly (internal or external), is another STI prevention tool. People using drugs can prevent STI transmission by:

  • always using new equipment
  • not sharing their equipment
  • safely disposing old equipment

Free condoms and safer drug supplies are available across Manitoba.