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Hi I just received oral sex from a prostitute in Hong Kong while on vacation. I used a condom but I am still afraid of STDs. Should I be worried?

Thanks for your query.

It sound like you did everything you could to keep yourself and your sexual partner(s) safe. It is good to know that you used a condom during the sexual contact. Correct and consistent use of condoms is a proven safer sex tool that protects from acquiring or passing on many sexually transmitted infection (STIs). So essentially, as long as you are sure the condom was intact and in place throughout the sexual encounter, there’s no risk of contracting STIs / HIV from the situation you described. You may still want to get tested especially if any of the following is true:

  • you are sexually active and think that there were other previous unprotected sexual exposures
  • you are sexually active and have never been tested for STIs
  • you are not sure if the condom was intact or in place through out the sexual encounter
  • you are having symptoms that you believe are STI related

A health care provider will be able to provide more information about testing and treatment options. Visit your doctor, Nine Circles Community Health Centre or a clinic near you to be tested.