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Is it possible to catch an STI through performing oral sex on a woman without any kind of barrier?

Oral sex involving a vulva (vagina), penis, or anus can pose a risk to either partner in contracting different sexually transmitted infections without a safer sex barrier.

Herpes, HPV and syphilis are commonly passed vulva to mouth and mouth to vulva during cunnilingus.
Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, herpes, and syphilis are commonly passed mouth to anus and anus to mouth.
Some transwomen may have a penis. Chlamydia, gonorrhea, HPV, herpes, syphilis can pass from mouth to penis or penis to mouth.

Sex dams are a safer and fun way to experience consensual oral sex whether on the anus or the vulva. Sex dams come in different colours and flavors. Condoms can be cut to make sex dams. Adding lubes to the anus/vulva side of the sex dams can add to the pleasure. Condoms are a great safer sex tool for penises.

If you are sexually active, consider STI testing for yourself and your partner because STI testing is part of safer sexual health and plays a big role in prevention of transmission. During your testing appointment bring up the types of sex you are having with your clinician. Many places across Manitoba offers testing for STIs, you could also ask your family doctor or use the Street Connections website to access one nearest to you.