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Is it normal for me to feel a pinch in my dick after pissing? Could it be an STI or a UTI?

I have a Prince Albert piercing and thought it was that, but am having second thoughts.  Is blood in pee normal?


You raise a few issues here: pinching and blood in pee. Symptoms can sometimes be misleading. Some people experience symptoms like these during a sexually transmitted infection, while sometimes there are no noticeable symptoms at all. It could be an STI, another medical issue, or a side effect of a Prince Albert (penis) piercing.

If you are sexually active, an STI test would help you rule out or treat sexually transmitted infections. Your doctor should be able to provide STI testing to you, but there are also other locations in Manitoba, including Nine Circles Community Health Centre, where you can get STI testing.

If you’ve had recent STI testing, it’s time to see a doctor about these symptoms to assess for other possibilities. Blood in your pee can have multiple causes including UTI (urinary tract infection), kidney issues, inherited disorders, or other factors ranging from harmless to serious. Seeking medical attention is key to determining the reason for the bleeding and pinching.