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Is it risky to have a guy's pre-ejaculatory fluid on shaving cuts that don't present the exit of blood?

Thanks for the question. I will assume that “shaving cuts that don’t present the exit of blood” mean shavings cut that aren’t bleeding at the time.

This would be considered a negligible risk situation. Negligible means lower than low-risk, but not zero risk. Intact skin (even with minor scratches or scrapes) is an effective barrier to keep most viruses and germs from entering our body. Pre-ejaculate (or pre-cum) on minor shaving cuts would not call for STI testing, but if you’re having condomless sexual contact like oral sex, vaginal sex or anal sex, we would recommend STI testing for you and your partner(s). Feel free to bring this question up with your healthcare provider so you can have a conversation about how different infections are transmitted and reducing the risks in ways that work for you.