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I just arrived in Winnipeg from overseas and I would like to still get PrEP in Manitoba. Could you please let me know where to get a prescription?

Glad to hear that you are finding PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) an effective strategy to prevent HIV.  PrEP is part of the toolbox we call Treatment as Prevention.

Because you are in Winnipeg, you can come to Nine Circles Community Health Centre and talk to a testing nurse about starting PrEP. There is walk-in testing every Wednesday 12:30pm-7pm or you can book an appointment any other weekday by calling (204)940-6000. (Readers outside of Winnipeg should talk to their primary care provider.)

The health-care provider will chat with you about the cost and how you can access it. PrEP is not covered by Manitoba Pharmacare, but may be covered by some third party/private insurance companies. The cost is covered for people who have First Nations & Inuit Health Branch benefits.