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Is it okay to have sex with someone while you are on drugs?

We are glad to answer your question. Sex under the influence of drugs is a choice some people make and this is done for the purposes of increasing sexual pleasure. However, using drugs are also known to alter one’s state of consciousness thus inhibiting their ability to make safer sex decisions. Research indicates that sex under the influence of drugs is associated with high risk sexual behaviours.

Consent is an important aspect of sex.  Drugs can impair our judgment and impact our capacity to understand and give consent . In Canada, consent cannot be obtained when a person is under the influence of drugs/alcohol and this would be an offence.

Safer sex or harm reduction practices can significantly reduce the risk of contracting STBBIs including HIV or Hep C. Here are some tips:

  • correct and consistent use of condoms
  • do not share equipment such as needles, straws for snorting, glass pipes for smoking
  • do not share tourniquets, cookers or water.

Using new equipment every time reduces your risk of contracting some STBBIs. There are agencies that provide new drug supplies as well as safer sex supplies free of cost. You can check out Street Connections to access your nearest location for supplies.