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I recently tried meth for the first and last time. My friend who does it often said she cut her tongue on the right side, she thinks she bite herself, due to being high on meth. We shared a meth pipe and I wanted to know what are the risks of sharing that pipe ? Don't know if that was an actual cut on her tongue need to know if I should get oral testing ?

Glad that you reached out to us.

Sharing equipment like a meth pipe increases your chances of being exposed to an infection. Tiny amounts of blood from a cut or cracked lips can transmit hepatitis C or hepatitis B. It is a good reason to consider testing for hepatitis C and B even if you shared the pipe only once. Knowing your Hepatitis status is a good step in protecting your health and the people around you.

Harm reduction practices recommend never sharing your drug use equipment. So a safer way to use with your friend is to each use your own pipe and/or mouthpiece every time. There are several places across Winnipeg that distribute free harm reduction supplies for safer drug use. Here is some useful information about safer meth use kits.

Hope this was useful.