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I heard that STIs are on the rise, so does it mean people are not using condoms?

Yes, you are right the incidence of STIs (sexually transmitted infections) are on the rise. STIs are very common and are easily diagnosed, treated and preventable. You may be surprised to know that many STIs are without symptoms, this could be one of the reasons people who are unaware of their infection unintentionally and unknowingly giving it to others.

While the reasons could be many, one among them is “not using condoms”. Wearing condoms can feel different than when not wearing. Some people feel that condoms can decrease pleasure. Evidence indicates that using condoms prolongs sexual intercourse leading to increased sexual pleasure. Condoms comes in various shapes, sizes, textures, colours and flavors making it fun, erotic and sexy. Lubrication can enhance the sexual pleasure of using a condom. Also sexual partner(s) assisting in wearing one can be a mutually pleasurable and a fun experience. Sexual pleasure is a mutual thing and it is important to have a meaningful conversation with your partner(s) about wearing one.

Here are some proven STI prevention methods:

There are several places across Manitoba where condoms and safer drug supplies are available.