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Why can’t the nurse just give me the pills to treat my girlfriend when I was told I have chlamydia? She’s already pissed off with me and now she has to go in herself.

I’m sorry to hear that chlamydia is putting a strain on your relationship right now, but you’ve done the right thing in getting tested and letting your partner know the results.

You are right, in Manitoba clinicians can’t prescribe the medication to treat chlamydia to your girlfriend without seeing her.  Because she is a sexual contact with someone who has tested positive for chalmydia, it’s important for her to head to her doctor or a testing clinic to be assessed.  Even if she does not notice any symptoms, she can still have an infection that they can detect and treat.

During her STI testing appointment:

  • she may choose to test for other sexually transmitted infections, to be sure of her complete sexual health status
  • the clinician will check for drug interactions, allergies or other concerns that may impact the treatment
  • she will have the opportunity to ask questions, get prevention strategies, and confidentially list any of her sexual contacts who should also be notified

It’s in her best interest to get tested and clear up any infection(s) that she might have.  It can be a tough issue for some relationships, but hopefully your honesty about having tested positive for chlamydia can help inform her decision to follow up with a testing appointment for herself.