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I have been treated for gonorrhea in the past and I am pregnant now. Do I need to get tested again?

Thank you for your question. We are glad that you got your sexually transmitted infection (STI) diagnosed and treated in the past. Most STIs including gonorrhea are easy to treat, cure and prevent. STIs including gonorrhea can be transmitted from parent to child during pregnancy and childbirth. This could lead to health complications for the child.

If you think any of the following statements are true, it will be helpful to talk to your health care provider and consider testing again.

  • you were sexually active, during the duration of your previous treatment and did not use safer sex options,
  • you did not complete the treatment as prescribed
  • you are not sure if your partner(s) were tested and sought treatment and you have been sexually active with them
  • if you have been sexually active with a different partner(s) and do not know their status

All pregnant persons are offered routine screening for sexually transmitted infections, here’s an earlier post about routine prenatal STI screening.

Hope this is helpful.